Monday, January 17, 2011

Frazetta Tribute

Last May when i found out Frank Frazetta had passed away I had already been tinkering with the idea of copying one of his works at the suggestion of Jason Manley in a lesson on improving painting and drawing skills, and Frank's work has always had something almost magical about it and his genius is a strong source of inspiration for me.  I decided to do a replica to scale with the original piece which was published as the cover of the first in the series of Conan the Barbarian short stories when they were reprinted during the sixties and decided I would give it as a birthday present to a good friend who shares my enthusiasm for Frazetta's work.  I learned a lot working on it, it probably took around forty hours and I can say there are some mistakes which tacked on about ten of those hours  that I definitely won't make when starting a new painting again, so all and all, I felt it was a success  So here are the process shots as well as the framed and varnished final iteration,  I took the pictures on my phone, I hope to get a high quality photo for posterity's sake with a good camera, but I babble...


  1. YESSS!!!!!!! It is so beautiful, man. I'm very proud of this. There are so many elements going on here: lighting, motion, figures. You did a great job. Frazetta......I can honestly say I think about his work almost every day. I'm sure you learned a lot from this project.

  2. A whole bunch. I will always tone my canvas from now on to eliminate that solid white ground, just a simple wash of color on there before putting any other colors would literally have saved me hours of combatting the white underneath as it continued to peak through the gaps in the paint. Geez..

    I really glad you like it man!